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A passionate team dedicated to offering personalised services

IAS Group

Maxair is a member company of the International Aircraft Services Group (IAS). IAS is a family owned Group created early 80’s in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and which has recently extended its presence in Burkina-Faso. Currently operating the largest private helicopters fleet in West Africa, it offers on and offshore transportation services. Maxair is the youngest company of the Group. It was set as an Ivorian corporation in 2012 in response to the growing corporate transport demand. Maxair operates from Abidjan across West Africa.

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Maxair allows safe, comfortable and reliable journeys on demand and at the Client’s best convenience. The fleet ensures that travel is made in the best conditions and Maxair’s staff are commited to tailor the trip upon the Client’s needs and preferences.


The security and safety of Maxair’s passangers and crews are the Company’s top priority. Maxair’s fleet is made of performant and well maintained aicraft and is operated by a soundly trained crew. Pilot’s recurrent training is part of Maxair’s internal policies.

The Company is complying with both European and international regulations, and local aviation rules.


Maxair’s Clients are free to express travel preferences : timing(s), destination(s), on-board services. The only constraint is the passangers’ and fleet’s security. If the Client’s wishes can’t be met with the current fleet chartering options are offered.

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